Adorn by Ashley was started when she was struggling to find 'the dress' for her wedding in July 2017. Only being excited by catwalk gowns covered head to toe in embroidery and embellishments, she knew there was no chance of affording one of their with their hefty price tags so decided to take the next plain dress I tried on and to make it her own (with the help of a degree in Embroidered Textiles!), including adding a removable cape that followed 2m behind trailing in orange blooms with golden and green embellishment's.

After getting so many lovely comments, Ashley decided that she wanted to offer this to other brides wanting something a little different from the norm without having to break the bank....and so here she is, stitching away in her Shropshire studio pretty much every day and every evening. Its a rarity if you see Ashley without a needle and thread in hand!