Thank you for choosing to exhibit at our MC 2019 LONDON Show, we are so happy to have you join us!

Our LONDON Show will be held at the Old Truman Brewery from the 1st - 3rd March 2019.

An Exhibitor Guide with relevant information will be sent out to all exhibitors closer to the time of the show.

London Exhibitor Packages can be viewed HERE, with full details available in our Info Pack HERE.


Before filling out the Booking Form below please take the time to read the following Terms & Conditions. They contain important information and before submitting your booking form you will be asked to confirm that you have read and agree to them.


Your dates for payment will be specified in the email confirming your booking . 

If we do not receive payment by the agreed dates Most Curious will send a reminder email asking for payment within the next 7 days. If, at the end of these 7 days, payment still hasn’t been made we reserve the right to offer the exhibitor space to someone else.

Cancellation of a stand space

If an exhibitor cancels a stand all fees paid will be forfeited. The organiser may resell the stand space but shall be under no obligation to reimburse any part of the fees paid.  


Exhibitors are responsible for their own insurance and are required to take out Public Liability Insurance cover for a minimum of £1,000,000. If requested the exhibitor must be able to produce a copy of the policy for the Most Curious team or the venue.

Exhibitors selling or offering food are required to have a minimum £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance. The exhibitor must have a food hygiene rating of ‘4’ or higher and also be listed on ratings.food.gov.uk , or have an EU Approved number. The exhibitor must provide this to the Most Curious organisers no later than 2 weeks before the date of the event.

Most Curious has public liability insurance to cover us as a business, however, we will not be held responsible for any loss or damage of goods, towards visitors or the property, that might occur during the event.

Most Curious will accept no responsibility for loss of earnings due to bad weather, cancellation or poor-attendance.

Fashion Show

If an exhibitor is lending items for the fashion show, the Most Curious team will take all reasonable measures to ensure the items are returned in the same condition. However, please lend us samples and not items for re-sale where possible. The models will be wearing make-up and we cannot be responsible for any dry-cleaning as a result of make-up spills or other unforeseen damage.

Please ensure that your business insurance covers your pieces for use in the fashion show.


Table sharing is not permitted unless specifically agreed by Most Curious in advance.

Wall hangings

The Truman Brewery does allow you to hang and stick items on the walls HOWEVER any holes or markings on the walls must be made good at the end of the show. You will also be able to erect a backdrop or board behind your stand if you wish.

Table Coverings

All table and chairs are supplied by Most Curious, however, we do not supply table coverings so please bring your own.


Most Curious will be documenting the event. By submitting your booking form you grant Most Curious media consent to use the images for promotional and advertising purposes.


Most Curious will advertise and promote the fair as much as possible within budget but we cannot guarantee visitors on the day.

Please ensure that you send us all your promotional information as requested by us for our directory and social media pages in good time or we cannot market you as attending our event.

Electrical Safety

The venue requires that all electrical equipment must be PAT tested, unless less than a year old, is in good condition and safe to use.

In case of an emergency

In case of an emergency on the day the buildings alarm system will sound and instructions will be given via the public address system. You and your staff must report any security or safety issues to the Most Curious team or The Halls staff.

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Table dimensions are 2.6ft x 6ft x 2.6ft (H x W x D)
If you require power you MUST bring an extension lead of at least 3 metres. We will do our absolute best to meet your needs but please note that some stands may not be near plug sockets - thank you!
Please indicate below if you have read and agree to our Terms & Conditions as outlined above.