Fabulous Ice Fires are based in East Dulwich, London and make Award-Winning Artisanal Gelato using natural ingredients.

We are Londoners trained as gelatiere in Bologna and Florence. We make gelato in the Italian tradition but ours is a 'World Gelato' in that we reinterpret flavours and raw ingredients from all over the world. The Black Pearl of London Gelato combined the culinary traditions of the east end of London. We used masacarpone from Italy and cardamon from India providing a flavour to evoke the cultural history of London... in a cup! Snow Leopard Songline was another gelato that combined exciting flavours from around the world, including Madagascan Vanilla, Activated Coconut Charcoal from Thailand; Chocolate from Columbia via Piedmont, Pink Himalayan Salt and local mile & cream, and was awarded the top technical Jury award at the 2017 London Gelato Festival.

Come meet us at Most Curious and discover delicious ice-cream that will WOW your tastebuds!