Where do your textiles come from?
Who is making them?

These are the questions that I ask myself daily.
The over-consumption of the textiles industry and production is at an alarming rate.

I create my work with this ethos in mind.

MiaSylvia’s textiles & Bridal wear are fair trade, ethically made with organic and up-cycled fabrics.

Quality over quantity.

The natural dyes are created in my studio using a variety of fruit, vegetables, plants, and flowers.

My ethos behind my work is a zero waste policy.

Every item I make is bespoke and made from organic fabrics of high quality, and the colours I can create are all natural.

Let's create something beautiful together.

MiaSylvia can create small on the day details such as custom napkins, bouquet ribbons and table runners right up to finding and bespoke dying your perfect dress. Working together with your chosen colour palette and the specific florals and foliage in your bouquet, MiaSylvia can then mirror this with in your textile fabrics.