PopokiDesigns founder, Shahreena, decided to return to her love of art and design, utilising her artistic skills, despite having initially pursued careers in science and animal behaviour . So she set-up a home based company creating bespoke handmade nails for those looking for true glamour and originality.

With her three popoki helpers (popoki meaning β€˜cat’ in Hawaiian), PopokiDesigns lovingly designs and creates unique, hand painted press on nails. These luxury, cruelty free nails are reusable and convenient to apply at home and will add that extra sparkle to your special day. PopokiNails not only designs bridal nails, but nails for any occasion. 

Customers are able to either shop beautifully, made to order designs, or choose specific themes, working directly with PopokiNails to produce an innovative and unique set of custom nails.