The team at Rustic Hire specialise in beautiful vintage furniture hire to give your event that unique feel. Create your own story with their stunning collection of seating, tables, bars and decor as well as a huge range of props and curios to decorate your day. Rustic Hire have a passion for design and making, they love furniture that's got a story to tell. From reclaimed oak, to chairs from Chicago, to a bar made from Georgian pine and mahogany, they've got everything you need to party in style!

Firstly they are makers - making all things by hand. They are not mass producers pushing buttons at a factory or importing cheaply made goods from China. Sourcing reclaimed wood, whether it be from dance halls, seaside piers or old school sports halls, and working with it to create furniture, gives the wood a continuing purpose and another story. Rustic Hire's wide range of curios harks back to a time when even the rudimentary bucket was made with care and intimate workmanship. Hence they have something that’s newly made but aged, imperfect yet sturdy, classic in style and timeless. But that’s all a bit wordy. So they stick to the word ‘Rustic’!