The Food Dude serves delicious hot crepes and waffle sticks from their unique converted horse box. Whether they are the main dessert option or an evening sweet treat to fuel the dance moves, their delicious crepes and waffle sticks will definitely be a hit with you and your guests. The Food Dude ensures to provide high quality tasting products with a professional service throughout your event, and the smell from the fresh waffles and the sight of the crepes being spread will attract your guests over where they can indulge in our amazing products.

The Food Dude's have something for all ages with their delicious crepes with toppings from white buttons, Nutella to the classic lemon & sugar being a favourite with the adults to their amazing waffle sticks smothered in chocolate and sprinkles being a hit with the children! They understand every wedding is unique and more than welcome the special couples to tailor their menus, decorations, and to provide a music playlist to make serving time even more personal!