For Valley Of Flowers, it's a mixture of feelings, emotions, changing seasons and a deep love for nature. Gita - the heart and soul behind Valley Of Flowers - has worked with flowers for  over 16 years. She started her journey as a florist in her beautiful homeland Lithuania, where she learned flower design and developed her own style and method in working with plants. 

Flowers are her obsession, and a huge part of her daily life - spending a lot of time outdoors and collecting various things from nature, which Gita uses when designing gorgeous arrangements. It brings her great pleasure and happiness, that she finds hard to explain in words, but would say it’s a passion that fulfills her life. The great outdoors, local seasonal flowers and foliage are her biggest inspiration. Nature gives indescribable beauty and infinite options… if she could, Gita would put all of the possibilities into one incredible bouquet!

Valley of Flowers styles for each individual, who appreciates natural beauty, beauty of nature and appreciate the beautiful change of seasons in her handpicked and put together arrangements and special stylish bouquets.

Photo credits:

1 & 2. Camilla Andrea

3, 4, 5 & 6. Ray Kakte