Cointreau  is  the  world’s  leading  premium  orange  liqueur. Featured  in  over  350  classic drinks like the margarita and the cosmopolitan, the famous orange peel liqueur has long been a player in modern cocktail culture.

I have thrown myself passionately into researching this liqueur. I wanted it to have the purity of crystal and a delicately subtle flavour thanks to the perfect harmony of sweet and bitter orange peels.” Edouard Cointreau

Since it’s creation in 1849, these words of Edouard Cointreau set the tone for Maison Cointreau. Embodied by the famous square bottle that bears the name of its creator, the brand expresses the same playfulness today, driven by the creative impulse that gave it life.

Balance, moments, pleasure, style… even in its creation. The clear liqueur was born out of the inspired idea to combine sweet and bitter orange peels. This particular combination affords Cointreau it’s unique and delicate taste, the perfect balance of sweetness and freshness.

The Cointreau recipe has retained its original authenticity since its creation. Its character and excellence lie in the rigorous selection and assembly of the orange peel essences, a meticulous task entrusted to Maison Cointreau’s Head Distiller.

Cointreau accompanies both novices and experienced professionals by combining education and innovation. Visit to inspire your inner mixologist and create your own unique wedding cocktail menu!!