Doris Loves has a whole range of quirky treasures. There are Temporary Tats for the punk in you! Choose from Doris Loves custom designs or create your own with their help. You can hire the lovely Doris Loves peeps and their tattoo station to tattoo you and your guests or, if you prefer, they have a DIY version in a box. It’s unlike anything else, loads of fun and your guests will love it.

Don’t forget their fabulous handmade, battery operated light up letters! Made by a craftsman using sustainable wood and rechargeable batteries (lasting 30+ hours). They go anywhere you like – hanging on a wall, standing on a beach, lighting up a cave, on top of a hill or in a palace - you name it we have done it!

Doris Loves also has a selection of neon lights for hire and you can create your own design with them.

If its made of wood (with lights even better) Doris Loves can make it!