Gettin' Hitched Rocks specialises in making (really, really incredible) wedding websites that change for every guest you invite so your evening guests never see your ceremony details and only your wedding party rock up at 6am!

We handle your RSVPs - so you don’t have to tally up who ordered beef and who ordered chicken! - and we send automatic reminders when it’s close to your cater’s deadline, so you can avoid those awkward just-wanted-to-make-sure-you-got-the-invite phone calls.

And we do more than make (really, really incredible) websites - we make (really, really incredible) stationery, too!

We make (gorgeous) stationery suites to match your (gorgeous) website, so you can carry the same (gorgeous) design, humour, and personality through your day.

Because your wedding should feel like you, not Miss Manners.

Because planning your wedding shouldn’t be a chore.

Because gettin’ hitched should rock!