Welcome to our New Site


MOST CURIOUS, the wedding show for the style-savvy couple 2018 edition is go!

Our brand new website and brand new images, shot by Esther Bellepoque.

Hello!! And welcome to the refreshed and rebooted Most Curious for 2018, new website, new images, new event dates, new vibes and new show plans to inspire and assist you in planning your style-savvy, creative, modern, expressive wedding. We are mega excited, so congratulations and welcome, welcome, welcome. 

The site has been designed by new official member (so much new!) Ann-Marie and you can meet her and the rest of us guys on the (new!) About Us page, with some fun images taken by the brilliant Joanna Bongard. The directory has been reformatted to show off our chosen brands and their products and services much more, as well as being categorised to ease the process of using Most Curious as a resource in your planning.

We hope you like it and our 2018 campaign images too, shot by fine art and fashion photographer Esther Bellepoque, with posters created by our design guru Joe Stone.

This year our shoot channels a modern Haight Ashbury vibe, a 2018 take on hippy chic, a little bit of Peace, Love and Understanding, with patterned 70s style dresses from new brand Radish, soft, plain linen shapes from Fool Dost, slip dress layering from Velvet Johnstone, and bridal friendly psychedelic patterns from Margaux Tardits from The Mews Bridal

Alongside the hippy leanings, the overall style concept was actually quite slick and architectural, seen in the simple forms of Fiona Sheward’s dress and Ritual Union’s graphic choker-ed gown, slicked hair by Zara at Portraits Bridal and pared back sheeny make up by Samantha Falcone.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 18.05.59.png

It was a look first talked about for the flowers, guided by floral force Hazel Gardiner Design. We didn’t want to replay the trend for huge, wild over flowing bouquets, but stripped it away to clean shaped, single colour or colour block blooms, for more of a stylised feel, placing the flowers in perspex boxes like little art forms, or pinning single stems in pockets and around her head. Heck, even in an actual peace sign to really bring it back full circle to the hippy motif.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 18.06.40.png

A scandi style white oiled, white oak table and chair from De La Espada also brought a simple but refined feel to the proceedings.

Isobel Bake's incredible cake was also commissioned to be in one white block, and sculptural in feel, with slick flower power magic, also seen in the white daisies on AM Faulkner’s veil and Clara Francis’s beaded head piece.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 18.00.04.png

So there you have it. 2018 is go, we look forward to you joining us on the ride!

Becky Hoh-Hale