The Cutting Edge of Grooms' Accessories - Introducing Ian Scott Kettle

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We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge here at Most Curious and someone who is both literally and figuratively on the cutting edge is Ian Scott Kettle, purveyor of the world’s finest groom’s accessories. He’s one of the coolest men we know - not only does he craft accessories like no other but he also tutors at the prestigious Central St Martin’s and he’s supplied work to Michael Jackson and Vogue! Playing with colours and form whilst always retaining the crucial tailoring expertise that he’s famous for, we’re thrilled Ian is back for Most Curious 2019. Grooms, it’s your TIME.

A little about your business and you:

Having graduated form Central Saint Martins (where I also still teach) good design is central to what I wish my work to represent! Established 5 years ago Ian Scott Kettle is a rather unique service, offering gentlemen the opportunity to truly personalise their sartorial look.

With over 25 years of design & tailoring experience, we can offer a vast array of accessory options (bowtie, tie, cravat, ascot, cummerbund, spatterdashes) tailor made in your own colour / cloth choices from the finest British cloth at our London studio.

Who or what inspires you:

Gentlemen's accessories, as we recognise them today, have been evolving for the last few hundred years, I have been researching their cut and construction since I was a kid. I often find myself pouring through old 16th century pattern cutting books for new typologies and cuts or art & design of the early 20th century for colour/textile inspiration.

What do you love most about your job?

I have been designing for over 25 years, supplying to celebrities, artists and magazines (Cindy Sherman, Michael Jackson, Vogue, ID…) and working on collections for international name designers, but nothing beats the way I work now, being able to develop designs directly with the customer has been the most rewarding job of my career to date!

What's the most curious thing about your business?

I guess the most curious thing would be how old-fashioned the service is that I supply! For fashion it is all rather old school! I work like a classic tailor, one-to-one, so my clients come to me through events like The Most Curious or word of mouth!

What's your top advice for couples getting married?

Gosh, tough question! I guess, the answer is what I tell my clients, do whatever you feel is right for your day, wear what makes you feel special and on the day and after all that planning, if the rain is pouring and the cake explodes, brush it off, dance on the cake and share the wildest most perfect day with your friends and loved ones.

If you fancy seeing the actual master at work, make sure you book your tickets for our London fair to see Ian Scott Kettle and his fabulous wares in the flesh. We’re honoured to have such an incredible, prestigious designer exhibiting, and doubly excited that it’s someone who’s got all the goods for the grooms! Grab your tickets on our shop.

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