E is for enthusiasm, excitement, and EYI Love Stationery


What do Andy Murray and Most Curious have in common? Well, bar being Wimbledon champion (ok, we maybe made that bit up), we both absolutely adore EYI Love Stationery (we didn't make that one up). Everything of yours, Lorna & Jack, we absolutely love. Not only do they make the sleekest, chicest stationery ever and effortlessly blend creative and luxe like no-one else can, but they care even more about your wedding than you do - period. Hot off the foil press is our interview with them as we welcome them as sponsors to Most Curious '18!  My professional advice would be to grab a cuppa and a biscuit or 4 and prepare yourself for true loveliness - their enthusiasm is infectious, and their creative flair inspiring.  We promise you'll come away wanting nobody but them as part of your dream wedding setup...


Why did you decide to set up your own business?

Well,  I had been living and working in Italy since graduating from my masters (in textiles and fashion) and as I returned to Glasgow, after meeting Jack whilst I was there, the recession was just kicking in. I had a few friends with their own fashion labels at that point and I watched as they struggled and worked 2 or 3 extra jobs so they could make the whole fashion thing work. However, I knew if I wanted to remain in Glasgow and work creatively, it was likely I would need to set up on my own. I tutored a little at the art school on and off but not enough to live.

So, as I was working with the Princes Business Trust, coming up with my business plan to start my own label (printing love quotes on luxe t-shirts funnily enough!) Jack and I had gotten engaged and were planning our own wedding. My grandfather had been a letterpress printer so I had unearthed one of his old machines to print our wedding invites. Well, from the minute I started playing about with it - I was hooked!

You’ll probably hear this a lot from people who have setup their own business, (especially in the wedding industry) but honestly, I don’t think we ever truly did decide, it’s like it was meant to be all along. We started designing a friend's invites, then a friend of a friend's and it sort of grew from there. I still HATED saying I made wedding invitations when anyone asked me though, as at that time (and maybe still in certain circles) the wedding “industry” was very cheesy and very cringeworthy.

It was only when we hooked up with The Curries and various other creatives in 2010 and formed The Wedding Collective that we knew we could really make a go of this whole thing.

Jack still worked as an engineer at the point but ran the “business” side of things in the evenings whilst I worked with all our clients, falling in love with all their love stories and making some pretty paper goods for them. A couple of years later, he left his job and we have both been happily working and growing EYILOVE ever since!


What's been the coolest/best moment of your career so far?

Very early on we worked with a couple who wed in an art nouveau film theatre in Glasgow. We had huge billboard movie posters designed and created for the outside of the cinema- which just looked amazing! It was such a fun wedding to work on and after collaborating with them so closely, they even invited us to the wedding! It showed us how fun it could be working with weddings and also, how personal and special  it could be.


What do you think the most Curious couples will love about your designs?

I think what attracts people to our work initially is our style. If you like sleek, chic, modern stationery with a luxe attention to detail, I think you’re going to like us! However, when we start working with couples, what we always get feedback on is the level of detail we will pay to your stationery and how thorough we are about everything!

We have now been in the stationery game for 7 years and in that time we have learned a LOT! And as my mum always says “you can't put an old head on young shoulders”  - I’m not saying we are “old” per se, but we certainly have a lot of expertise now that we didn’t 7 years ago. We can offer expert advice on how to word your stationery, how many items to order. We can work with florists and planners, being as creative as you like, or we can tone it down and show you very traditional options if your family / new in-laws are kicking up a fuss! There isn’t much we haven’t came across now and we are always here at the end of the phone / email to help you with your decisions!

We also print all of our foil in house, so you can rest assured the same level of attention to detail will go into every item we produce. Jack prides himself in his hand printing and Duncan, our calligrapher, is a true master of his craft too.

Essentially, I suppose you could say we are a close team of perfectionists who probably care way more about your stationery that you ever will and we absolutely pride ourselves in this! The minute we have a lesser attitude, truly is the day we give up the game...


Who or what inspires you?

I’m inspired constantly by passionate people. Whether it’s art, music, politics, love… what the ‘subject’ is rarely matters. When people have passion they just excite me and make me want to give my all to what I love and believe in. I leave their company buzzing and I love this feeling, so I try to make sure I surround myself with inspiring people as much as I can.

If I’m in need of some visual inspiration, I generally turn to fashion, art or photography. Whether this be an exhibition, a magazine, a store or even online. There are certain designers I know will always blow me away with their genius, and I'm often inspired by their use of texture & colour. I’m also very much a details person, so just walking around a designer store, a luxury hotel or a beautiful city to people watch and pay attention to the little things, which could often go by unnoticed - also excites me!


Who is your fave famous wedding from history and why? 

How far back is history?! Can it be 2015 when our Scottish hero, Andy Murray wed his lovely bride Kim in his hometown and we designed and printed all of their wedding stationery?! That was p r e t t y   s p e c i a l for us, as we (and the whole of Scotland) just adore them- They are our royalty! (this is about as much as we can say about this… but believe us, they have some seriously good taste!)


Describe the type of couple you are hoping to meet at Most Curious

Couples that are mad in love and have some serious style to go with it!


What  do you love most about your job?

Lorna: "I love when we have an idea… and it works! It may sound simple but honestly, for me, the most exciting part of the job is when we order in our new boards, colours and foils and see them coming to life with our new designs, hot off the printing press! I love the whole creative element of our business and I am so thankful we work with so many stylish, headstrong, modern couples who truly love and appreciate this too!"

Jack:  loves the buzz of working with clients and seeing their ideas come to life! Jack also thrives on running E.Y.I.LOVE well, working with our print team, paper suppliers, calligrapher, accounts- amongst ALL the other hats you must wear when you run your own business! It’s satisfying knowing this business which we started from scratch, literally on our kitchen table, now runs so smoothly and efficiently (most of the time!) thanks to all the dedication and hard work we have put in.


See! The babest of babes, huh? Come and see Lorna and Jack at Most Curious '18 to chat about your wedding plans, pick up their infectious enthusiasm and generally squeal with delight about your big day. Tickets are available via our shop!

Ellie Kime