Maids To Measure: celebrating your bridesbabes with the dresses they deserve


Here's a riddle for ya: what's super hot and über cool at the same time? It is, of course, Maids to Measure, the luxury British bridesmaids brand that is here to save you from your lilac taffeta nightmares - and, they're premium exhibitors at A Most Curious Wedding Fair 2018! Offering classic cuts and contemporary styles in a choice of colours without compromising your maids' incredible personalities, it's a winner winner champagne dinner all round as far as we can see. We're all for celebrating your girl gang and honouring your ride or dies, and there's no better way than helping them feel as stunning as they are. Whether your maids are a-matching or all uniquely taking part in the theme, Maids to Measure have got something special for you. They're also a wonderful team, and we can't wait for you to meet them and fall in love like we have! 

We asked co-founder India Sellars a bit behind the brand that celebrates friendship, good style and a whole lotta love...


Why did you decide to set up your own business?

We wanted dowdy bridesmaid dresses to be a thing of the past and choice and tastefulness to be a thing of the present. When my sister, Sinclair, and I set up the business 5 years ago there was absolutely nothing out their for bridesmaids - only your highly flammable polyester monstrosities or your high-end designers at a few grand a pop! Thus we put our heads together and Maids to Measure was born.


What's been the coolest or best moment of your career so far?

Our best moment: winning our 4th award in 5 years this September was a huge achievement for us as what started as a small family business has now been recognised as a household industry name. Not to forget opening up our first shop on the King's Road in March this year...that was a biggie!

Our coolest moment: I'm a sucker for a celebrity, so whenever we have one walk in to the store and choose our bridesmaid dresses I'm always a little star-struck! To name but a few, we've had the lovely Katherine Jenkins, Pixie Lott and Frankie from The Saturdays.


Who is your fave wedding from history and why?

Guns 'n' roses, November rain. It reminds me of my youth and the iconic image of a cool bride - the first music channel was The Box and I requested and watched this song non-stop when I was younger.



Describe the type of couple you are hoping to meet at Most Curious?

Fun, down to earth, stylish couple who still have a soft spot for tradition and want to emulate their personalities through their wedding.


What do you think the Most Curious couples will love about your products?

We have 3 different ranges offering varied styles, colours, fabrics, so we really do have something for everyone!

Throwback to The Box, hey? I mean, we're all about breaking out of the box, but for that particular Box it has a very special place in our hearts, so it can stay...especially with iconic weddings like that! Come and see India and the team at Most Curious - and why not bring your girl gang too, to join in the magic? Tickets are available now!

Ellie Kime