Introducing Portraits Bridal: Hair & Make-Up Artists, and your new best friend

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Would it be a Most Curious without these gorgeous glittering ladies gliding around effortlessly, spreading joy and sparkle wherever they go? We think not! We're as pleased as punch - as ever - to have the inimitable PORTRAITS BRIDAL back at Most Curious - and this year, they're sponsors! Dream team or what? 

We'll keep it sweet (like them) and short (like a half of our team): Portraits Bridal are a multi-award winning bridal hair and make-up agency who, quite simply, can make your face dreams become dreams you can face. They're as incredible at a super relaxed, unstructured boho look as they are haute couture runway inspiration, and put as much effort and pay as much attention to brides who want both, which is simply superb. They're not only the most talented ladies on the planet but the loveliest too, making your bridal journey a whole lot nicer and less stressful with them on board. Once a year, they also bring out their hotly-anticipated Stylebox to showcase the possibilities of fashion-inspired bridal looks - and we have a sneak peek of 2018's for you. And it is SO good! Scroll through to see Portraits' divine work this year...


What do you think the most Curious couples will love about your work?

Aside from our bad-ass team of super stylists and make-up artists, who collectively have styled everyone from Music legends to big Hollywood stars and top models (the client list is INSANE)! Portraits pride ourselves on the meticulous service we offer our clients from the very first point of contact to after the day itself. We strongly value client care and also making connections with our brides so that they feel totally comfortable from that very first moment we speak!

We take a modern approach to bridal hair and make-up design at Portraits HQ, but we believe that by having studied our craft inside out we have that vantage point of having the skill to create the most beautifully unstructured looks that will actually last all day! It is easy for hair and make-up artists to just set up shop these days but with hundreds of weddings behind us as well as years of experience, we can safely say that we will always provide a professional service from start to finish. We will always run on time to a pre determined schedule and will ensure that any problems are avoided on the day by working with you to plan the morning in detail. We always receive so many compliments about how well organised we are throughout the process so think that Most Curious couples would most certainly appreciate this amidst the chaos of planning a wedding!

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Why did you decide to set up your own business?

We always knew that we wanted to build something of our own, putting our individual stamp on it and breaking moulds within the bridal beauty industry by doing something a bit different to the norm. At the time that we launched, there was a different definition of what "bridal hair and makeup" was, although we now see great change happening throughout the industry which is FAB!  Setting up the business has always been something that Nadia and I were incredibly passionate about, as we have both grown up with fathers that have created successful businesses from nothing and seeing their zest and passion has influenced us both a great deal! I'm from a family of hairdressers and my parents always ran their own salons, where I worked hard for them from a young age, initially just sweeping floors and making tea. Nadia's father is also a successful business entrepreneur who has shown her that with hard work and determination she too could create something sustainable for herself and family, particularly as a working mum in today's tough world. Luckily, we were right - Portraits has been so rewarding and we have both been on such a brilliant journey, we feel so proud of what we have achieved so far and always look forward to seeing where the business will be taken next!


Who or what inspires you?

Our inspiration comes in many forms. We are always keen to see which key hair and make-up trends are developing at Fashion Week as we pride ourselves on being up to date with all of the latest ideas, which we would then filter into wearable bridal looks. We love to push the boundaries too, and like to design looks that are runway inspired and also a bit alternative, as it gives us the chance to play around with cooler textures and interesting ideas. Generally the more alternative looks are reserved for shoots, BUT, we do get some really quirky brides that are so up for being different. These bridal parties are truly individual and in that sense, we are inspired by our real brides too. Day to day we are inspired by strong women; we love our industry as there are so many working mammas out there doing their thing and proving that you can fit in a fulfilling career in and around your children should you wish!  We also find that the Most Curious family definitely champion the working mum and we find you this so supportive of you guys!  (Oh you guys, STOP IT! You are too kind. But no, do carry on about how fab we are...)

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What's been the coolest/best moment of your career so far?

We couldn't really define a pinpoint "best" moment of our career so far because there have truly been so many...and along the way we have developed not only as artists but also as two friends nurturing our talents, passion and continued desire to grow a successful business that we absolutely adore. Just seeing how Portraits has got bigger year on year gives us a massive boost, and we get such a euphoric feeling from seeing its growth that it just keeps us going! Having said that, obvious achievements for us have been being featured in Brides, Vogue, You & Your Wedding, Rock & Roll Bride as well as all of the top UK online blogs is pretty incredible! 



Who is your fave famous wedding from history and why? 

As a massive fan of the 70s in terms of fashion, hair, make-up, music and just about everything, Mick Jagger's union to wife Bianca just tips it as one of our all time favourite famous weddings from history. While it was probably a bit of a frenzied media circus from what we read, we just love the moody, grainy images and the fact that it is just SO rock and roll. The both look incredible and just are just oozing style and sass, Bianca's HUGE white statement hat and seriously sexy buttoned two piece outfit made her too cool for school and that big bouncy hair, oh just spot on! 

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Describe the type of couple you are hoping to meet at Most Curious

As seasoned exhibitors we ALWAYS seem to land right on our feet with the brides that come our way from Most Curious - they have all been so LOVELY and it is one of the many reasons for us returning year on year! Brides from the show tend to be super stylish and come to us with creative ideas and an openness to experimenting. We also love the very laid back couples that look great with minimal, non fussy styling. We wouldn't say we have too many rules when it comes to hoping for a particular "type' of couple though as diversity really is the key to our motivation and keeping things fun is essential to us at Portraits.


What do you love most about your job?

A huge bonus that comes along with such a social job is that we always seem to collect our brides as friends, even long after the wedding process has ended! This is always a lovely feeling as, essentially, we have been there on the most important day of their lives, so it always makes us love our job a little more when we gain friends doing something we love so much! This goes for our industry pals too, we can really lean on each other and have built some lovely relationships with our industry peers across the years! Another big plus is the diversity, every wedding and couple is so different that you just cant get bored of this amazingly cool, fun, crazy, creative job!!!  

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If you want to catch our sparkly sistas at The Old Truman Brewery from the 2nd-4th March, you can grab your tickets from our online shop now! Bring your game face, your glitter, and meet your glam squad - we can't wait to have you!

Ellie Kime