"I made you this ring": Introducing The Quarterworkshop

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Consider your horses held. Yes, we’re all about style here at MC, but we’re also all about ways to make your wedding personal and meaningful to you, and all whilst seeking the most creative ways of doing so. Our premium exhibitor The Quarterworkshop, a jewellery and goldsmithing studio set within the Jewellery Quarter, is the perfect antidote to carbon copy weddings. Crafted by hand and infused with love, The Quarterworkshop’s jewellery is as beautiful as it is bespoke – and, best of all, they offer wedding ring making workshops, giving you guys the chance to handmake totally unique wedding rings for each other!


Why did you decide to set up your own business?

After completing my masters in Goldsmithing & Jewellery design, and after many years working as a designer maker as well as teaching, I decided to open my own studio.

Having always had an interest in interior design as well as jewellery making, I’ve always loved creating beautiful spaces. However, I wanted my workshop to be more than just a workshop space – instead, a whole hive of creativity and a perfect heaven for couples to come and create such a meaningful piece of jewellery. (Our workshop has been described as ridiculously beautiful”!) I opened the workshop in 2012, growing it so that we now have three expert Jewellery tutors and hold a range of jewellery making classes and creative events.



What's been the coolest/best moment of your career so far?

It’s always cool when you get to meet so many interesting people and play a little part in their wedding story! We have had TV stars, musicians, writers and chefs at the workshop and also lots of other wonderful wedding suppliers (which is a great accolade). I have also been filmed a couple of times - once for the antiques road show making silverware…and everyone knows the Antique Roadshow is VERY cool!

Who or what inspires you?

Coming from an art and design background, so many things inspire me! I love problem solving mixed with the knowledge of a craft and materials. I find inspiration in my surroundings and especially nature and flowers for textures and themes. We have done a lot of really beautiful flower inspired engravings on our wedding bands recently – fittingly, one of my favourite jobs in the workshop is arranging colourful blooms around the studio (some of which last summer I grew myself in our garden at home).

What’s your favourite wedding from history?

Bianca and Mick Jagger’s is just SO cool and stylish but as a romantic, I love the story of Johnny Cash and June Carter.


Describe the type of couple you are hoping to meet at Most Curious.

We love meeting every type of couple! Usually our couples are really open to creating something bespoke and want to be a part of the making process. It does involve a little bit of hard work but it’s very rewarding and you get a ring hand made by your love! We think it’s a brilliant way to start a marriage, and often our couples will change their wedding vows and say, “I made you this ring” which has become our tag line.


What do you think the most Curious couples will love about your work?

Jewellery has always been a precious symbol of meaning and sentiment and a wedding ring even more so, literally symbolising the connection between two people and the vows you have made to each other, but all too often couples will say they have visited jewellery shops but just didn’t feel a connection to any of the wedding rings and so are looking for an alternative. Overall I think it is the way in which we can help add so much more meaning to the wedding bands and provide a great experience, it is also a little bit of the wedding planning which is just for the couple and can be lovely pre-wedding romantic escape for a weekend. Also, our beautiful workshop and great location help! The Jewellery Quarter is famous for its jewellery making and Birmingham is now a creative thriving and vibrant city so it’s a great place to escape to for a weekend away and to make your wedding rings.

Okay, so this sounds totally magical, does it not? We're so happy to be able to bring you exhibitors like this who care so much and can contribute so much to your big day - come and see them in our London show by buying your tickets from our shop now! 

P.S: here's a totally gorge video of Jess & Jake on their make your own wedding ring workshop, which they won at our Norwich Most Curious! 



Ellie Kime