Photography, travel plans and plants - Introducing Craig Williams Photography


Craig Williams Photography is the king of candid moments, creamy edits and canny, down-to-earth chat, and that’s why we love him. Famous for his incredible photography - and then only secondarily for his extensive plant collection - he’s exactly the guy to capture your day if you’re looking for super talented but incredibly friendly, non-stuffy photography. We chatted to him on the blog today so that you could fall in love with him too!

Who or what inspires you

My family inspires me. Kate is non stop thinking about what's next and what crazy thing our family can get up to next. We have a lot of plans in the next 12 months and her energy makes life and business so inspiring and fun. Marcie, Bodhi + Rowe never moan either, they just are just a ball of crazy and I love that!

What do you love most about your job?

I love to travel so much and meet new people and watch and photograph as peoples stories unfold. I understand it a very small part of peoples stories but what a cool thing to be able to show.

What's the most curious thing about your business?

Probably plants. It’s what most people ask me about at weddings. I mean I would love if people talked to me about photography but in all honesty, if it makes couples feel comfortable to have a chat about how beautiful a cheeseplant’s leaf or asking advice on how to keep a cactus alive I'm all for it if it gets me some killer pictures.

What's your top advice for couples getting married?

My advice is to be you, let the ideas be yours and you can't go wrong. I think you need to be relaxed and enjoy your day so having it the way you want it will make it easier to do that. Less is never more unless it's minimal. Black is a colour. Upcycle and enjoy the process, it's not work. Just do you!

If you want to come and meet Craig and talk the three Ps - plants, plans, and photography, grab your tickets now on our shop!

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