What to Expect from E.Y.I.Love's Brand New Wedding Collections

Wedding stationery gods EYI Love will be displaying their brand new 2018 collections at Most Curious this weekend, and we're so excited to see all the papery goodness they'll be bringing with them. However, as we all know, wedding stationery isn't just about how it looks, but the sentiment inside too, so we asked Lorna and Jack for what the inspiration and sentiment behind the collections are...

"I always have about a million ideas buzzing about my head at any one time. There is never a lack of ideas (whether they are all good or not is questionable!) meaning when starting a new collection I often don’t have to look further than my own head to get started. Gone are the luxurious art student days of taking a whole week to “research ideas” for a new project, spending days in the library and visiting exhibition after exhibition - all in a bid to “get inspired”. What a DREAM that was!

That was before the days of Pinterest and Instagram - and boy am I glad it was. (Is anyone else with me on the Insta/image fatigue - yet strangely cant stop scrolling even when I beg myself to stop?!)

How do we, the creatives, decide where our inspiration comes from and what we will focus the attention of our new collections on? How do we find the Zeitgeist - in our world of over saturation?

I don’t really know the answer, and to be honest haven’t really given it much thought until I have sat down here to write this Blog. But I do know I ALWAYS have a strong feeling of where I want to take us, creatively for the year ahead. The older I get (I promise I am not THAT old!), I feel I grow in confidence of our style, and don’t worry too much about what others think. For me, it is more important to be true to myself - and be confident in that.

Saying that, I do listen, A LOT to our wonderful clients. I can’t force everyone to opt for Blush, Black and Gold now can I?! Our brides often have amazing ideas - and we always try to take their ideas and run with them in a style which reflects our brand and their individual style. However, if your style is diamanté and tartan ribbons, we will certainly not entertain you and swiftly tell you where the door is!!

Our more style savvy clients however, often lead me to look into wonderful things and this can often send my head in a spin with a plethora of new ideas...like this new collection!


Vellum love


This season we have been experimenting quite a bit with some new materials. We have lots of perspex offerings and a LOT of Vellum. I LOVE vellum - layering - wrapping and playing with paper weights and textures. I’m pretty sure my love for the layering must be due to my background in textile/ fashion design.

Think belly bands for your Invites and gorgeous day stationery to layer upon your exquisitely styled tables to truly wow your guests.




Our Grace collection, with it’s muted nude tones and black lines offers minimalistic styling with a feminine air. It marries innovative textures with luxurious boards and foils. So many things we love and we know from your response on instagram (it does have it’s benefits ;) this collection is set to be a firm favourite!


Carla & Jenna

Our Carla and Jenna collections are also taking us into new directions with our perspex offerings. Where we have focused on Clear perspex with gold foil before 2018, this season we have got BOLDER and brighter - partnering perspex with holographic foils. Dancing with lights and playing with texture- these stationery suits will be sure to live long in your guests memories!So, we think we have covered the weddings full of personality and light with these collections, but we haven’t strayed far from home with some of our other collections.




Anna is effortlessly stylish, with a subtle air of a more seductive era, combining timeless fonts with a feeling of soft romanticism. Delectably printed onto the highest quality board with luxe black and rose gold foils, this suite is sure to announce a suite with style.



Elliot is a little more opulent in it’s colourings than we have previously divulged, but what with Pantone’s colour of the year being Ultra Violet, we thought, why not?! This being said, absolutely ALL of our collections are completely customisable, so you are welcome to revert back to Black, blush and gold at any given point, and you will not hear a singular moan from us...



As ever, Duncan, our wonderful calligrapher, is as busy as can be with his covetous lettering. Honestly, his work is impeccable and he is even more of a perfectionist than we are (if that is possible) He too, has been working his magic on a LOT of Vellum, with envelopes in various finishes and colours being the items of choice.

So, there we have it - a little (or a long?) roundup of whats coming your way at Most Curious from us, E.Y.I.LOVE, in 2018. PLUS a whole lot more at the show itself!

Right now we’re just praying we get there safe with the horror reports about said Beast from the East. All our schools are closed tomorrow, just to add to the madness of our show preparations… so if we do seem a little frazzled at the weekend, please do your best to forgive us. We’ve probably just driven for about 16 hours to fight our way to you! But that being said… we seriously cannot wait!

If you wanna see all of this gorgeousness (and yes, that includes Lorna & Jack) in the flesh, make sure you buy your tickets for this weekend - they're cheaper in advance!


Ellie Kime