Rolling In Roses is an ethical British bridalwear label based in the heart of Yorkshire. The name 'Rolling In Roses' is taken from an early Patti Smith poem; colloquially known as 'the godmother of punk', she embodies our ethos of designing for the offbeat, sophisticated, fiercely independent bride . The dreamers, the poets, the music-makers, the lovers. 

We produce cool classic wedding dresses with a unique twist which are an alternative choice to the high-street; a collection of dresses which are stylish but understated, highly chic but easy to wear. Inspired by bygone styles of the 20th century, music, dancing, and beautiful fabrics,

Rolling In Roses was born out of a love of historical nostalgia and modern romance, fused with local craftsmanship and exquisite materials. Our chic simple lines and graceful cuts are comfortable and glamorous, and we use eco-friendly organic silk and bamboo in our gowns.