Hello! We are Mat Ruttle & Grace Rowe, founders of Ruttle & Rowe Coffee Co. We both trained as actors and met whilst in a West End Production. We are now married and share a mutual love for all things Coffee. 

We are based at Lea Bridge Station in East London, where we have a pitch weekday mornings serving speciality coffee from our Roasters ‘The Roasting Shed’ in Hackney.

Being mobile and completely drivable, our converted Aixam Mega has proven to be eye-catchingly popular and can be driven/towed to any venue for your Wedding Day. Fully equipped with an Astoria Lever Espresso Machine, we can be ready to serve speciality coffee or Espresso based cocktails in minutes. Get your party started and serve your guests the increasingly popular Espresso Martini which were originally created to ‘Pick you up, and F**k you up! If Martinis aren’t your thing then contact us for our full list of coffee based cocktails and even the Long Island Iced Tea!

Prepare your guests for the morning after with our unique and personal Coffee Favours (which were originally created from our home roast for our own wedding last year!). These can be personalised to suit your day, or we can come up with our own little ditty, for example ‘May this day be filled with joy and laughter, here’s something for the morning after’…

Recently featured in @whimsicalwonderlandweddings ‘Head over heels in Hygge’ and soon to be featured on @rockmywedding – watch this space!