Let there be..... WEDDING RINGS! Introducing The Workbench Wedding Band Carving Kit. The first and only wedding band carving kit in the whole world (we checked)!

The Workbench Wedding Box makes it possible for you to create your very own wedding ring with the wax carving kit originators! Each ring making kit comes with enough wax to make one wedding band, so why not get a box each and help carve each others?

We understand wedding rings come in many different shapes and sizes, which can affect the price, therefore we have created an upfront split payment system. No waiting for quotes or being shocked by the price. You will be spreading the cost by paying in 2 instalments too!

Each ring is carved from jewellers wax. This avoids the messy and dirty goldsmithing process but instead you are involved in the initial stages of the ancient process of lost wax casting. Once your ring has been carved using the specially made online tutorials, simply send the wax ring carving back in the post to us, where we make a mould and then cast the ring in your chosen metal and then polish to your own specifications. It is an exact replica of the ring you have made for yourself and we think that’s pretty special!