In a world that is constantly spinning, how can we be sure to enjoy every one of those big and beautiful moments as they should be enjoyed?

Well, that’s why Jessica Meechan (Owner) decided to start Twin Flame. So that, on the most magical day of your life, you can sit back and, well, “smell the roses” of course! 

Not only does Jess offer a range of styling and planning packages to suit wherever you are in the planning process, she is the first stylist in the industry to specialise in and offer spiritual elements and services. 

From crystal geode hire and crystal wedding ceremonies, to energy cleansing and live card readings, Jess really can go above and beyond your conventional stylist and help you reconnect with (or discover!) your spiritual self. 

If you are looking for the person to help you magic up a care-free, 'flowers-in-your-hair' kind of day, (with plenty of  bohemian, quirky or colourful touches) you have truly found your Fairy Godmother.