untitled (flowers) has built its reputation as the florist of choice for the style-wise of London by specialising in bespoke work for special events from its Islington store and studio. The company’s rare approach to floristry has developed a loyal following of artists, celebrities and stylists, its clients drawn to its unique practice of ikebana meets with Europe, as well as its staff’s deep knowledge of flowers and passion to impart love with their work.

untitled (weddings) - see what we did there? - are as colourful or monochrome, as extravagant or minimal, as electric or natural and as wild or formal as our clients desire. We begin by consulting on themes and wishes and can advise on flower symbology, taking the time to know you as well as your venue and vision for the day. We work on every scale, to every budget, and always with the principle that if it can be dreamed then it can be done!