Bridal beauty from the loveliest ladies in the biz - Introducing Portraits Bridal

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The creative genii behind the gold eyelid lines and peachy hues on our campaign shoot this year (and loads of other years too - we’re very lucky!), Portraits Bridal, are back for our 2019 show. With experience in the world of fashion and a portfolio burst of beaming brides, a keen eye for design and a steady hand for perfect make-up application and hair styling - they’re also the loveliest ladies to have around on the day. That may sound like an odd thing to prioritise, but if they’re responsible for getting you ready for what could be the biggest day of your life - and which will definitely be the day where you get the most photos done - you need someone calming and understanding there to help you. You’ll feel like you’ve walked away with two best friends in the Portraits girls - and you’ll be walking away absolutely GLOWING too! Metaphorically, that is - because if you want matte and natural, they can also do the best au natural beauty you’ve ever seen.

A little about your business and you

We are Zara and Nadia of Portraits Bridal Hair and Make-Up Agency, a team of 20+ hand-picked artists! We specialise in bringing our Brides individual style ideas to life, from the boldest, bad-ass brides to the equally curious, sweetest, shyest and less confident of Brides! We pride ourselves on the fact that our ever expanding portfolio offers diversity across the board and we just LOVE weddings after meeting in Fashion around 10 years ago now. We are not afraid to experiment and love to keep on top of trends, as your wedding style is a reflection of you, it is important for us to maintain a unique and fresh style so we can deliver the ultimate YOU on the day!

The coolest/best moment of your career so far

Being contacted by Brides magazine to work two of the editors for their wedding day hair and makeup! This was really great for us, and such a compliment considering they have a little black book longer than you can imagine! We are also proud that we continue to grow a business from scratch and proof that you can be a working mum like Nadia AND still be passionate about growing a business!

Who or what inspires you

Being in business with someone else means we get inspired by each other mainly through endless hours of crazy WhatsApp conversations late at night and mood-boarding our ideas to create even fresher ideas! We’d be lost without each other! We always look to the latest catwalk trends and celebs for an idea on what’s hot, but equally we just love to look to our own brides for inspo, when we see their lovely faces and hair we can pick out what is beautiful about them and bring that to life!

What do you love most about your job?

It’s not really a job, more of a passion and THAT is why we love our job and this is what makes us great at what we do! We get to play with hair and make faces even more beautiful for a living right?? In all seriousness though, one of the most magical moments of our job is seeing the bride step out for the first time in her dress, with perfect, or perfectly imperfect hair and make-up, and knowing how hard we have all worked from the initial email to the final touch-ups, to see the final result is super dreamy!

What's the most curious thing about your business?

We dedicate ourselves fully to our brides and love to be unique and forward thinking! We love creating modern looks with a twist that will be so memorable and special, your guests will be in awe!

What's your top advice for couples getting married?

Go with the flow, do what you want and make sure you eat the cake! Don’t miss out on your fave suppliers, book them in as soon as you fall in love with them, as you never know when they might be snapped up!

And on that note - make sure you book your tickets for our 2019 show to meet Nadia and Zara before they get snapped up! We just KNOW you’re going to fall in love with them, so grab your tickets on our shop

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