Dreamy organic-inspired raw gemstone wedding rings: Introducing Niza Huang Jewellery

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DREAMY. If we had to describe Niza Huang’s work in one word, it’d be DREAMY. Then, after that, if we were allowed a bunch more words, we’d say divine, contemporary, unusual, eye-catching, delicious, artisan, breath-taking, organic, punchy, and perfect for a Most Curious couple…

With a totally bespoke service as well as a range of beautiful designs, Niza’s organic, natural-inspired shapes are mixed with raw gemstones and diamonds to celebrate our connection with nature and creative passion. We chatted to her about her work below:

A little about your business and you

Bridging the gap between fashion and craft, I craft original pieces with a distinctive aesthetic.

Finding beauty in contrast, I fuse organic forms with clean lines to create raw-sophisticated pieces that exude elegance with an edge. My timeless yet contemporary collections range in style from organic abstract to minimalist geometric, conveying rich imagination and creative passion. Inspired by our connection with nature, I incorporate a selection of raw and refined diamonds and gemstones into my designs.

My speciality is fine jewellery as well as alternative bridal and engagement pieces, for those looking for something a little less conventional. I adore adding my own twist to create unique designs for special occasions, as well as offering a full bespoke service to create highly-customised designs for people looking for one-of-a-kind pieces that they will treasure forever.

I’m based in a central London studio in Cockpit Arts, where I only work with experienced craftsmen and trusted suppliers, demonstrating my commitment to craft and artistry.

The coolest/best moment of your career so far

To have been selected and joined Cockpit Arts studio. I really enjoy working with similarly minded artists and I’m very grateful to receive a lot of support from the community.

Who or what inspires you

Nature. Beautiful things. Arts. Performance. Experimental music.

What do you love most about your job?

Freedom! I can create and do whatever I want. I am a workaholic because I enjoy what I do and passionate about it.

What's the most curious thing about your business?

I love to experiment with materials, developing my own techniques to bring expressive forms to life in new ways.

What's your top advice for couples getting married?

It can be very stressful to organise a wedding, so try to do a lot of research and give yourself enough time to plan it in advance. Enjoy all the moments, try to laugh about it even when you feel overwhelmed. Keep the big picture in mind. The wedding is an important life event, but it's only for one day. Keep the big picture in focus, it's the best thing that you've found each other and going to spend lifetime together.

If you want to see Niza and her designs in the flesh - aka, if you want to put a ring on it - come and catch her at our alternative wedding fair in London from 1st to 3rd March 2019. Tickets are available here

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