Delicate, handcrafted bridal headwear: Introducing Eden B Studio

This year’s theme is The Arid, The Artsy and The Abstract, celebrating artisan makers and organic shapes. Eden B Studio totally shares the same ethos, with all of her designs inspired by nature and totally handmade by her own fair artisan hands. We love her gorgeous delicate bridal headwear and accessories and after a stellar 2018 show we’re so glad to welcome Hannah back to both London as a premium exhibitor AND Norwich this time around!

A little about your business:

Eden b. Studio is a luxury bridal accessories brand, specialising in unique headpieces and veils. Everything is handmade by me - that means each clay flower is sculpted by hand and each bead threaded onto wire. It's a real labour of love to work in this way but its important to me and I think it's what sets Eden B apart from larger accessories brands. Where everything is mass produced and cheaper you lose attention to detail and individuality.

I work from my little studio in Kent and also have brides over here to try on the collection and chat about bespoke designs.

Eden B is only a wee thing...I set up the business about a year and half ago. I'd previously worked for one of the high street giants (clue: Magic & Sparkle) as a lingerie designer and found that I was desperately wanting more creative freedom in the day job - so, I set up my little brand, which turned out to be a day job, evening job and weekend job for quite a while! But, despite the graft, I LOVE it!

Coolest moment so far:

When I did Most Curious last year my business was so new and if i'm honest I was slightly terrified at the prospect of putting it out there to the real world (stepping out from my Instagram bubble). However, I literally couldn't believe how many amazingly lovely brides to be I met over the weekend, who were saying such nice things about my work. The fact that brides choose Eden B to wear on their wedding is just such a massive honour and makes me feel soooooo proud. I had my first real taste of that feeling at the show last year!

What or who is your inspiration?

Most of my pieces are inspired by nature/flowers, but I definitely pick up elements of inspiration from fashion/textiles. Most of my new collection pieces are designs born from playing around with the materials I use...happy mistakes turn into ideas I'd never have come up with if I was just sketching.

What do you love most about your job?

In general I think I'm just a bit wedding obsessed so I love a good wedding pic anyway, but seeing pictures of my brides wearing something I’ve made for them on their wedding day is hands down the best part of my job. And if there's a wedding video, I’m a gonner! Getting pics back from my brides makes me wanna cry and twerk with joy in equal measure!

What’s the most curious thing about you or your business?

The name! I struggled so much to think of a name for my business...there were some ABSOLUTE SHOCKERS in the running for a while! My best friend’s mum came up with it over coffee (thanks Olive.) I wish there was some kind of deep and meaningful about its origin, so I've kind of generated one for when I get asked about it: Eden (as in garden of everything is inspired by nature) b (short for bridal) Studio (self explanatory).

What’s your top advice for couples?

I'm getting married to my absolute babe of a Fiancé next August so I'm both giving and receiving this advice!:

Don't let other people tell you what you should do! Some of the oldies are so passionate about the traditions! But it's your wedding day, it’s your life...and it’s your bank balance that's funding it, so why the hell shouldn't it be everything, and exclusively what you and your Fiancé want it to be!

Weddings can be super expensive so you have to prioritise the things that are most important to you, and spend your money on those...a hairpiece...or a veil....just a suggestion ;) ? ;)

if veils and hairpieces are your priority, sounds like you’re Hannah’s kinda gal - make sure you book your tickets to the show to see the lovely Hannah and chat all things bridal! She’s comnig to London AND Norwich - tickets available here