Pick 'n' mix wedding planning with serious style: Introducing EventBureau

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EventBureau are swiftly gonna become your best wedding pals, we can feel it. Offering a totally bespoke pick ‘n’ mix approach to wedding planning, Vanessa, Alice and Fiona came together (over a pepperoni pizza, as all good ideas are) to create memorable events. From flowers to calligraphy to full event design, they’ll be able to solve any wedding problem you have. We chatted to them below…

A little about your business and you...

We are EventBureau! Founded by three women of different professional backgrounds but drawn together by one ambition - creating beautiful memorable events. If you’re after a wedding package designed and styled down to the last detail, we are your girls. EventBureau offer a ‘pick and mix’ style service with a multitude of in-house qualified services. Covering all things from fabulous flowers to calligraphy, bespoke stationery and more, we are always open to a new challenge.

Channelling your admin through just one planner saves a lot of time, energy and money. Whether your vision is trendy, traditional or something unknown to us all, we “get it” every time. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our clients whilst adding an edge of conceptual sparkle. New bespoke ideas and getting our clients inspired is what makes us tick.

The coolest/best moment of your career so far…

Alice: My coolest/funniest moment would have to be me stood at Green Park station handing out free flower bouquets to very confused looking members of the public. They didn’t understand why they were being given something so beautiful – for free.

We absolutely hate to waste flowers and when we can, we will try and re-gift them. We’ve worked with a great charity called Floral Angels who are a London based charity who recycle donated flowers (from events; florists and retailers) and restyle them into beautifully re-arranged bouquets that are then gifted to members of the community who could benefit from a random act of kindness.

Who or what inspires you?

We have all come from Design based backgrounds, so we are very much in the practice of being constantly on the look out for inspiration everywhere. Visiting galleries and exhibitions is a must for us. No matter how busy we get, there has always got to be time for a bit of culture. We are lucky enough to be London based as there is inspiration everywhere. More specifically – we get the most inspiration from meeting with our clients. We are then much more confident that we are designing to their tastes and not what is the done thing at any particular time.

What do you love most about your job?

Meeting new couples is great fun - we LOVE the, ‘So how did you meet?’ question. We’ve actually had couples that we haven’t met until the actual day of the wedding which is always nerve-wracking, but really rewarding when they mouth ‘Thank you’ to you across the room. We feel really lucky to be able to work on a wedding with a couple and watch it evolve from our first consultation and initial sketches to a beautifully styled wedding.

What's the most curious thing about your business?

Vanessa: The idea of EventBureau was born over a terrible Pepperoni Pizza! We were on a girl’s weekend in Amsterdam and had spent all of our money on tickets to the ballet, so we went for a quick Pizza beforehand. We were so bored with the food (and the comedy service) that we decided there and then that we would start our own business. I think I have the napkin in which we wrote it all down somewhere at home.

What's your top advice for couples getting married?

Fiona: Three pieces of advice that I was given and continue to share with all of our friends and family getting married in the near future:

  1. Always remember that your wedding day is about the two of you. Keep this in mind when “everyone” has an opinion on “your” wedding. Whilst it is always good to listen to trusted opinions (especially from other couples who may well have some useful advice), just remember that it is your day and you’ll probably be footing the bill for it all anyway.

  2. Also – if you can, have the day filmed as well as photographed. Even if it’s your Best Man’s, friends, cousin doing it on their iPhone. There are so many things going on throughout the day that you won’t remember. I still watch my wedding video regularly – three years later.

  3. BOOK A PLANNER!!!!!!! Never think you can do it all yourself. It will steal the magic of your big day trying to get hold of caterers or checking that the chairs have been delivered etc. An event planner is totally worth the investment and will free you from any of the stresses of dealing with suppliers. Email us at enquiries@eventbureau.co to book a free consultation (aka,­­ a free coffee and a chat :))

If you feel like you need Event Bureau in your life - and we assure you, ya do - make sure you book your tickets to see them at our London fair in March! Tickets are available >>> here