Imaginative, naturalistic florals to BLO(AUM)W your mind - Introducing BLOAUM Studio

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PREPARE TO HAVE YOUR MIND BLO(AUM)WN. Bloaum Studio are our floral sponsors for our 2019 show, and we genuinely couldn’t be happier - we’ve been spellbound by her magical floral abilities ever since she began. With an incredible eye for texture and colours, appealing to every sense and always pushing the boundaries of what you could ever imagine flowers could do (Shelena’s the genius egg who pioneered coloured flower water at our 2018 show), she’s a firm favourite in our books. Imaginative, design-led florals coming your way from this gal, very very soon!

A little about your business and you

Hello to all you Most Curious couples!

I'm Shelena; the creative mind & flowering hands behind Bloaum Studio. My journey began a few years ago when I was feeling unfulfilled in my career, seeking a more creative outlet I decided to follow my passion and re-train as a florist. After my studies I spent time working in a florist shop where I fell in love with the wedding & events side of the business which eventually led to the birth of Bloaum back in 2017.

I would say the signature style of our florals combine an appreciation of both naturalistic undone beauty and contemporary soft minimalism with a focus on appealing to the senses via interesting colour palettes, textures, scent and form. I love nothing more than dreaming up the perfect flowers that are personal to each couple; whether that means taking cues from the venue, incorporating memories from your travels, focusing on a particular mood you want to evoke or finding a particular flower that holds a special meaning to you, I'll work my magic t o bring you beautifully artful designs with a touch of the unexpected.

The coolest/best moment of your career so far

I think it would have to be sponsoring the Most Curious 2019 show! Its going to be my biggest project to date and definitely holds a special meaning for me; I've loved being part of the Most curious tribe from interning back in 2017, to having a bridalNEXT! stand in 2018 to now working with the team to bring something exciting & fresh to this year's show.

Who or what inspires you?

Of course it goes without saying that nature & the seasons play a big part in my designs, sometimes I'll obsess over a particular flower for a while until the next one captures my imagination but actually inspiration comes from all avenues. I will often look to the catwalk for cues or spend an afternoon exploring an art gallery to get those creative juices flowing. Travel is another big source of inspiration for me, immersing my self into different sights, sounds and smells of a different culture sets my heart on fire!

What do you love most about your job?

I love how different it is, no two days are the same; I can be dashing off on site visits, meeting with potential couples, working on quotes in the local coffee shop, up before sunrise at the flower market, creating designs at the studio or at a venue working on a floral installation.... the list goes on!

Luckily, because all the couples I work with are so unique each job is totally bespoke and I can continuously bring new ideas to the table.

What's the most curious thing about your business?

Maybe its our name, nobody ever knows how to pronounce it ( blue - om) which is not surprising as I actually made up the word!

It's a marriage of two words, 'BLOOM' to represent our artistic medium of flowers and 'AUM' the sacred mantra to represent the vibrational energy of the universe = BLOAUM

What's your top advice for couples getting married?

Just to go with your heart, throw out the rule book and make your day as special & personal to you as a couple.

I can wait to meet you all at the show, please come say hello and chat all things flowery with me!

At this point, Shelena is essentially Most Curious royalty - you HAVE to come say hello to her at her stand at this year’s fair. I mean, her work would be pretty hard to miss with everything we’ve got planned with her…but you wouldn’t want to miss it, we promise you. Grab your tickets now!

Image credits: Agnes Black, Belle Art Photography, Jo Greenfield, Joanna Bongard, Kristos Kabiotis, Petra Pako Photography

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