The Sienna Von Hildemar Approach

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Ok, gather round and listen up, because we're about to let you in on the number 1 secret of weddings. Are you ready? ARE YOU READY?

It's comfort.

Now, sometimes this is viewed as a dirty word in the wedding industry, because some people think it refers to settling, not pushing boundaries, and not wowing. But in actual fact, it's the opposite. It means not settling for anything other than what you deserve, allowing yourself to push the bridal boundaries in order to be your true self, and truly wowing. If you're comfortable on your wedding day, it shines out of your face like sunbeams (a medical fact), and you'll enjoy the day wholly and completely. You can enjoy it not worrying about photos, waving your arms above your head manically on the dancefloor, and giggling throughout the nuptials with your best friend by your side.

Someone who helps brides recognise and achieve exactly this is our premium exhibitor Sienna von Hildemar. Creator of stunning wedding dresses, Queen of a clean line and Purveyor of the softest skin-loving silks you've ever felt in your life, her dresses make you feel perfectly you on the day, thanks to her one-to-one service every step of the way . So, now you're hooked on the whole feeling-yourself thang, how can Sienna help? Read on to see our interview with the lady herself...


A little 'about you' for your business

Harnessing lifelong creativity, and combining it with 15 years of experience in dressmaking, I produce stunning bridal wear as unique and extraordinary as the bride wearing it. My looks are nuanced and nostalgic, channeling inspiration from the art nouveau era to everyday urban fashion. All of my looks are handmade in London, sewn with love and care, making sure every one of my brides feels fabulous, beautiful, and confident on her big day.


What's been the coolest/best moment of your career so far?

The first time Most Curious Wedding fair liked one of my posts on Instagram. That was a bit of a squeal out loud moment. And the day I got the email saying my application was successful to exhibit at the 2018 show. That was also very awesome.

But really it’s hard to pin it down to just one moment. The moment the first bride said yes to me making her dress was incredible. Or the first time I got an email saying ‘you made my friend’s wedding dress and she looked amazing and now I’m getting married and want to speak to you about you making mine.’ Or being at my friend’s wedding and a guy, not realising the person that made her dress was in earshot, or at the wedding at all, and said to his friend “that’s the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen”.


What do you think the most Curious couples will love about your approach?

My relaxed and personal approach to working with each bride. I work from my garden studio and that’s where brides come for fittings. It’s a very friendly, homely space which is what I’m all about. I think the Most Curious brides will also really like that my dresses are romantic and feminine yet laid back and unique at the same time. And they get to work directly with me, the designer, and have the opportunity to tweak and change the dress to put their own stamp on it or even go for a complete bespoke dress and have something created just for them.


Who or what inspires you?

Other creative business owners who have started their business from nothing but have had a product they totally loved and believed in and turned it into a success story. Those are the ones that keep me going and show me that it’s possible.


Who is your fave famous wedding from history and why? 

The one in 3 men and A Baby, although technically it’s a wedding that didn’t happen, when Tom Selleck turns up and stops the marriage and confesses his love. Because you know you want it to happen and them to live happily ever after!!


Describe the type of couple you are hoping to meet at Most Curious.

I’m hoping to meet the type of bride who wants to have that unique dress created for her and is excited by the idea of working with me to bring her dream dress to life, which she’ll feel so connected with and so happy and comfortable on her wedding day.


What do you love most about your job?

That I get to spend time with lovely people and lovely things. It sounds cliché but it’s true. All of the brides I’ve worked with have been such beautiful people and so it’s a real pleasure whenever I have fittings and get to spend time chatting and laughing and being creative with such beautiful fabrics and trims and designing embellishments. And it’s not just my clients. I’ve met some truly wonderful people in the industry which just makes it all the more enjoyable.


Catch Sienna and her buttery soft dresses at A Most Curious Wedding Fair in March next year. Tickets are available now on our online shop!

Ellie Kime