Patchwork: Introducing The Gift List Innovators


A polite request for a drum roll, please, as we introduce you to our super sponsors for our 2018 London show: PATCHWORK. Not only are they our sponsors (but arguably equally as excitingly) they're also the Galileo of gift listing. Their innovative online platform makes it easy and - dare we say it? - enjoyable to curate your gift list, and is suitable for all you gorgeous couples out there who don't want to fit comfortably into a checkbox, and aren't comfortable asking people outright to get their cheque book out. Whether you'd like to ask your guests to contribute to a new mural art wall or a joint tattoo, or you want to give your loved ones the opportunity to handpick and donate honeymoon activities for the two of you, the world is truly your oyster. And you, lovely Most Curious couples, are its shining pearls! We're already planning our gift list for a wedding that's not in existence as of yet...

Read on to get to know a little more about Patchwork - and bear in mind that you don't even need to sign up to try Patchwork. With no upfront fee you can have a play today - so grab a cuppa and get dreaming!



Why did you decide to launch an alternative gift list?

When I got married a couple of years back me and my husband-to-be knew we didn’t want a department store gift list as we already lived together and had a flat full of stuff. So I built a site that let us show our friends and family our dream honeymoon to Cuba and then allow them to choose which part of the trip they’d like to treat us to. And so that’s where the idea started. Although now Patchwork is a global platform that lets friends contribute cash, time and skills towards any group gift or experience.

Photography by  BABB PHOTO

Photography by BABB PHOTO

What's been the best moment of your career so far?

With Patchwork, there have been so many. Being named ‘The Gift List Innovators’ by ELLE, featuring as Lauren Lavern’s ‘Website of the Week’, being asked to write Lonely Planet’s first ever Honeymoon Handbook have been a few highlights. But to be honest, nothing feels better than meeting couples at wedding fairs and seeing how excited they are about Patchwork and hearing their ideas about how they want to use it - whether it’s to fund a honeymoon, invite guests to chip in towards a work of art, a puppy or a joint tattoo or to ask friends to contribute time and skills towards a DIY wedding. Getting high fives from strangers is always amazing!

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Who or what inspires you?

The couples who use Patchwork. We consider ourselves a pretty creative bunch but we are constantly surprised and inspired by their stories and ideas. You can meet some of them on our blog.


Who is your fave famous wedding from history and why?

Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller. Because he is the greatest writer and she is the greatest actor of all time. Because they are both beautiful and stylish and because they were both kind and gentle and a bit lost. And together, for a short time at least, they were happy.

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Describe the type of couple you are hoping to meet at Most Curious

There’s not really a type. But they’re obviously attracted to Most Curious for the same reasons they are attracted to Patchwork - because they are stylish, savvy couples who want their weddings to be as unique as they are. And they want enjoy an afternoon wandering around a beautiful venue together, drinking bubbles, celebrating their love and filling their brains with new ideas.


What do you think the Most Curious couples will love about your product?

People love that Patchwork is so flexible - that you can use it to organise and fund literally anything. They love that it is independent of any suppliers, so you can collect cash gifts from friends all over the world to spend how, when and where you like. And they love the site design and experience - the gorgeous image gallery, readymade templates, the ability to personalise your page, and just how easy it is to use for couples and their guests.



What do you love most about your job?

Coming in to our studio in Brockley everyday and seeing all the new patchworks. It sounds Disney but Patchwork quite literally makes people’s dreams come true. So it really is a little bit magic.


Patchwork only make money if and when you collect funds with a 3% commission on contributions. Check out: and if you want to fill your instagram feed with joy follow: @patchwork_it. And if you want to fill a whole March weekend with wedding-related joy, you can get your tickets for A Most Curious Wedding Fair right about now over at our shop!

Ellie Kime