Stone Hearts Club: Bridal Jewellery for the Magpies and Like-minded Souls


For Stone Hearts Club, the recipe was simple. One tanned LA Valley girl and one English country rose working together in London at one of the world’s largest fashion retailers, their collective out-of-control magpie tendencies, their eye for a gap in the market and their need to connect with like-minded souls across the world. The rest, as they say, is shiny, glittering history! From this recipe for success, their jewellery collection was born: a veritable online treasure trove of stunning designers and their breathtaking designs, all providing something different for those who crave empowerment from the fierce rocks on them. With incred designers from Luv AJ to specially curated vintage pieces, their creative collection is ideal for the bride who doesn't want to be a typical bride. We got chatting to Emma and Nicola (English country rose and tanned LA Valley girl respectively) about Stone Hearts Club to find out more...


Why did you decide to set up your own business? 

We share a love for all things shiny, and our styles are really complementary. We felt pretty strongly that there must be other babes out there like us, so if we offered brands and styles we love and want to share, it would be the best way to build a community of likeminded souls!


What's been the coolest/best moment of your career so far? 

We are the exclusive UK stockiest for most of our designers, like Luv AJ and Unearthen, and were the first in the UK to stock Jennie Kwon. What makes this our best moment is that these brands were totally up for working with us, even before we had a business plan or a website! They liked us, liked what we had to say, and the rest is history - which in our books is pretty damn cool.


Who or what inspires you? 

Life! From history and nature to experiences and relationships, we draw inspiration from absolutely everything around us.


Who is your fave famous wedding from history and why? 

Mick & Bianca Jagger, May 1971. Tradition be gone! Bianca's super sexy but equally chic white suit - need we say more?!


Describe the type of couple you are hoping to meet at Most Curious .

We don't have a type because we really believe that we're for anyone and everyone! We love to support and encourage couples to be true to themselves. From diamonds and pearls to geodes and opals, we offer a range of designers and styles to suit all vibes. We've also just started to carry some gorgeous vintage pieces, all specially hand selected, that have just strengthened our collection and our commitment to jewelled greatness.


What do you think the most Curious couples will love about your products? 

Our customers aren't just people who buy from us - they're part of the growing Stone Hearts Club community. It's important that we make sure our customers feel that sense of connection to us, so we make sure to add that personal touch, be it a handwritten thank you note or a private shopping appointment at their home. We don't know many other businesses like ours that offer house calls, so we're certain that our customers know how much we care!


What do you love most about your job? 

We've been close friends for years, so it's icing on the cake that we get to work together doing something that we love! The other thing that keeps us going is that feeling when we really get a customer, and she gets us - it reinforces that community that's so important for our business.


Come and see Most Curious' magpies in residence, the lovely Nicola and Emma of Stone Hearts Club, at our show on the first weekend of March - tickets are available now!

Ellie Kime