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Light up letters to light up the room and temporary tattoos - Introducing Doris Loves

MC Loves Doris Loves. And you guys love Doris Loves too and so it’s just one big ol’ love fest, isn’t it? With their range of incredible light up letters (all sustainably made), their neon lights and their famous temporary tattoo station, they’re the perfect solution to creative decor that literally lights up the room and entertainment that lights up your guest’s lives. We chatted to the lovely Emma, who you’ll know from Most Curious if you’ve been before, about what they offer…

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A perfect instruction: GET READY. There's a whole lotta love flying around Most Curious today as we announce another premium exhibitor: the wonderful Doris Loves. Purveyors of a super swoonworthy collection of light up letters, neon letters and temporary tattoo stations, Doris Loves can transform your wedding space into a true party atmosphere. On your big day, you deserve to have your name in lights.

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