The hottest wedding suppliers to keep an eye on - bridalNEXT! 2019

One of the things we love the most about this wonderful fair we call home is the incredible talent we see, especially from newcomers in the industry. A select number of our exhibitors are chosen to be part of our bridalNEXT! category, opened to encourage new, fresh wedding start-ups to get involved. Their innovation, directorial creativity and fresh style knows no bounds, despite having only been in business less than 2 years!

On the Saturday of our London fair, we got show sponsor and bridalNEXT! champion Kat from Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride to pick her winner and runners-up from the category. The competition was FIERCE - everyone was supa FRESH and supa FLY - so here everyone is in all of their glory!

bridalNEXT! 2019 Winner - ARD Bakery

“As soon as I saw Ard Bakery's designs I knew they were my winner. They're so original, creative and cool - completely different from anything I've seen before and one of the most unique concepts I've seen in wedding cakes in a very long time!” - Kat

bridalNEXT! 2019 first runner up - Twin Flame Styling

“I met Jess at the show and not only immediately loved her aesthetic, but her scarily accurate and emotional tarot reading she did for me may have swung it somewhat! She has a really specific style, which I love and appreciate. She's not trying to appeal to every type of client and I love that. I could tell she really stays true to her own vision and personal style in her work.”

bridalNEXT! 2019 second runner up - Anisha Parmar


“We've seen a lot of laser cut jewellery but I've never seen any with the same Asian flair as Anisha's pieces. I loved how she incorporates her own heritage into her designs. Again she's not trying to appeal to everyone and I love that!”

bridalNEXT! 2019 third runner up - Ink & Paper Design


“Grania's bespoke lettering is beautifully done, and her designs are simple yet personal to her clients. I love her paired back approach, less is more, but everything is really expertly done.”

bridalNEXT! 2019 entrants

Studio Pia - ethically crafted and sustainable lingerie with a focus on fashion-led, creative design

Rasbery Pavlova - a fashion-forward bridal studio creating contemporary designs with traditional methods. Dawn’s creations featured heavily in our 2019 fashion shows

Grace Lane London - Grace is the creator of our amazing campaign dress - alongside celebrity alterations, she’s just launched her first bridal line (but also does divine bespoke work too!)

CoopCouture - you’ve never seen knitted silk look this good, and that’s a promise. Made from silk yarn, each dress is made totally from scratch, with stunning personalisable embroidery and EXCELLENT eco credentials.

Bon Bridé - the debut collection actually launched at the 2019 fair, and it went down a treat. Elegant lines, sleek silhouettes and effortless details (plus pockets!) make a GREAT bridal collection.

Sparksy - Sparksy are making sure you kit your kids out properly too! Designed to be handed down through the generations, each design is made from sustainably sourced fabrics and vintage clothing, making every single one unique.

The Floral Editor - Fi’s sumptuous, romantic and contemporary style had EVERYONE swooning at the fair with her peachy pinky purple plinths bursting with blooms. Every project is carefully designed and every flower hand chosen to ensure it’s a joyful, collaborative process from start to finish.

Flower and Fern Studio - Season-led, naturalistic yet refined, Flower and Fern’s floral arrangements are simply breathtaking - plus we love the way Liz brings palettes to life.

untitled (flowers) - The floral studio that is the choice of the movers and shakers in London, the lovely team begin by consulting on themes and wishes and can advise on flower symbology before creating stunning florals.

Laura Nelson Design - Laura’s curious approach to jewellery design totally won us over. She likes to explore different materials and processes, with an honest and minimal aesthetic and a focus on contrasting textures. Her PULP collection is amazing.

Deborah Tseng - Deborah’s jewellery is intricate and breathtaking, inspired by repetition, decay, the passing of time and the minutiae of the world around her. It’s all handmade from porcelain and metal and is beautifully minimalist and super unusual!

Paper Skeleton - a design led stationery studio who are paving the way with their incredible “Zine-vites” - if you’ve not seen them, you haven’t lived.

Carrie Lavers Photography - documentary-style photographer with the most incredible, soft, infused light (plus, she’s super lovely!)

Inbetween Days Photography - two ladies who are super talented at documentary photography, super passionate about real love, and super fun to be around, Inbetween Days are an actual romantic riot.

The Wedding A-List - Sarah is revolutionising wedding planning, with 4 planning packages to make planning your own wedding simple, as well as exclusive planning help and tools to empower you. Plus, their partnership with Solace Women’s Aid means every one of their weddings helps provide women and children with a promising future after domestic abuse.

Anemone Style - If you’re looking for contemporary planning and styling, Anemone is your answer. Stylish and authentic events are her bag, for couples with no creative limitations.

Thank you to Kat for coming to pick her faves, our bridalNEXT! exhibitors for being amazing, and huge thanks to Laura Martha Photography for the gorgeous photos (and Michael Newington-Gray for the photo of Ink & Paper!)

Ellie Kime